The World's First & Only
Square Golf Ball

The Best Novelty Items EVER!

The Square Golf Ball®

The Ultimate Fun Pac

Custom Golf Ball Sets

Golfers and non-golfers alike will enjoy the creative uniqueness this little cube delivers. Ideal as a desk paperweight, a coffee table conversation piece or countless other placements where this novelty will become the topic of conversation.

Looks and feels just like an ordinary golf ball, but won't roll.

The Square Golf Ball® is NOT for use in any fashion other than as a novelty item. Striking The Square Golf Ball® with a club, bat or object will damage The Square Golf Ball®.

Below is a comparison, showing The Square Golf Ball® in relationship to a traditional golf ball. The diameter is identical.

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December 7, 2016

New International Record

The Square Golf Ball® is finding its way around the globe. Thanks to a golf course in the Netherlands, we now have a new single order sales record for international clients. Hole 18 is the golf course, and they are now the proud owners of 150 Square Golf Balls®, customized for their course. Next time you are in the Netherlands, stop by and say hello, and offer a comment about those beautiful and novel Square Golf Balls® (best hurry - these will probably be gone in a flash). And if you are curious who the number 2 and 3 international client locations are - #2 is Australia, and #3, funny enough, is the Netherlands again. Must have something to do with those wooden shoes! Canada comes in at #4.

The Square Golf Ball® is a contagiously unique novelty item that forces almost everyone to do a double-take to see what they thought they saw. Once a closer inspection is made, a smile generally comes out as well as the phrase 'Why didn't I think of that!" So for all those residing outside of the USA - the bar has just gotten higher. Now is the time to order 151 Square Golf Balls® and claim the record for your own country!

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